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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

"It seems so... I didn't want to believe it, but--" Kiseki paused for a minute, thinking over his words, but then continued shortly after. "...but after seeing so much evidence of it in newspapers and on TV, it's kind of hard to deny it, unless they're skillfull enough to make all of this stuff so detailed, even if it's fake." Kiseki finished. Ashley and Jeremy just sat there, looking at the small group.

"Yeah, it's too widespread to be a hoax." Lani said.
"If there is something going on then I hope it will stop soon." Ashley said as she looked down. There was silence for a few moments, but then the loud speaker came on.

Attention all students and staff. I would just like to remind all of you that the homecoming dance will be this Friday. There is a five dollar admission at the door and it isn't formal, so don't worry. Also this year the guys ask the girls, so be prepared ladies! Also there will be pizza and soda that costs a dollar a piece. Hope to see you all there! The loud speaker cut off and Ashley looked over at Jeremy. This was a perfect subject change that they needed.

"Well that sounds like fun."
"Yeah. I doubt anyone's going to ask me though."
"Are you kidding Ash? Any guy would be lucky to take you as their date. But then again, almost any guy who asks you will be on my sh*t list."
"Ha why?"
"Because you're a magnet for jerks." Jeremy said, but then quickly looked up at Ichiru and Kiseki. "But except you guys. You guys are cool so I wouldn't mind if one of you asked her. Ow! Hey!" Jeremy said as he looked over at his sister who kicked him.
"I'm sure that they both have a different girl in mind. But anyways, who are you taking?"
"Not sure yet." Jeremy said. Ashley looked up at the clock, having about ten minutes left in class. She looked over at the group and leaned back in her chair.

"So are you guys going to homecoming?" Ashley asked.
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