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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

Lani Hyland
School (Art)

Jeremy and Ashley reassured the group that it was okay, and that their parents had passed over a while back. Still, it must not be easy…

The topic had shifted over to the nightmares, and Lani wondered if she`d maybe said too much. She didn`t want the others to get suspicious of her, what would they think if they knew she was one of the many victims? She really didn`t notice the facial reactions of her peers, however, her attention back to the always blank sheet of paper.

"No, we haven't heard anything about that." Jeremy was the first to speak up, his answer a little surprising. Maybe the paper didn`t report this back where they lived before? Maybe they didn`t watch the news so much?

"Yeah we never heard anything of that before. Is that even possible?" Ashley added.

"It seems so... I didn't want to believe it, but--" Kiseki started, but suddenly, the words ceased and the boy fell silent. However, the pause wasn`t long, "...but after seeing so much evidence of it in newspapers and on TV, it's kind of hard to deny it, unless they're skillfull enough to make all of this stuff so detailed, even if it's fake."

“Yeah, it`s too widespread to be a hoax.” Added Lani quietly, looking at the group, but quickly lowered her gaze. Everyone seemed to have at least something drawn, and time was beginning to become scarce. She needed to start real soon, but the girl didn`t even have an idea. Well, actually, that would be a lie, she did have one lead, but it wasn`t anything she wanted to have on paper. Despite wearing a thick ultramarine sweater, Lani shivered, the reason a combination of her growing tiredness and the image that was now stuck in her head. She wanted a hot coffee so badly… and this craving was the inspiration…

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