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Default Re: Pokemon Ranger~Stand By Me~

Originally Posted by IchigoTorisuna View Post
Go **** youself Sayuka!
Okay, I just lost all respect for you. Seriously, if you hate it here, go die in a fire. I was just telling you things you needed to do, but you went all out on me. I will not quote our lovely Giratina, but I am going to summarize this in a nutshell:


EDIT: *anime sweatdrop and sigh balloon* Oh, and I think you're still mad at me, which is fine by me, because I was about to cuss my head off at you too. *complete sarcasm* Also, a book-long post? I don't mind writing long posts al all. What you need to do is carefully make your post bit by bit, aking it in Word or WordPad first before you post. Now CALM DOWN.
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