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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

"Yeah, my sister rocks at video games." Jeremy responded to Kiseki's mention of an arcade. The younger twin grinned at Ashley's following comment.

"Maybe we could all get together and go there sometime, then," Kiseki looked at Lani as he spoke, letting her know that he meant her as well.

"It's, it's actually pretty famous or infamous around here." Lani spoke up after mention of the hidden passage, although she didn't say much more.

"Maybe it's The Underground Railroad. Slaves use to use those tunnels to escape to the free states and Canada. There were also these safe houses that the slaves could stay at as well. If there was a quilt in the window that had a black or a navy blue color in the middle then it was a safe signal. But if the quilt was turned over it would have a red center which meant to stay away. Maybe if it is a tunnel from The Underground Railroad then it could be haunted or something."

Ichiru's expression mirrored his twin's after the Jeremy finished speaking.

"Come to think of it, I did hear mention of that not too long ago. If that's what it is, then it would certainly be something worthy of exploring."

Kiseki nodded at his brother's statement, although his eyes were fixed on the table in thought. Although he and Ichiru had only joked about the school and the town being haunted, he was starting to wonder if it really was. If the passage everyone was talking about turned out to be the Underground Railroad like Jeremy said, then it was very likely that something was down there. What if that something was what was causing their nightmares? It wasn't impossible, right?

As he was thinking, Kiseki's mind was oblivious to the rest of the conversation between Jeremy and his sister, although Ashley's repetitive yawns caught his attention. Beside him, Ichiru stifled a yawn of his own.

"Hey, no falling asleep. I thought you said you weren't tired?" The sudden concern in Jeremy's eyes and tone made Kiseki and Ichiru furrow their brows, glancing at each other as Ashley replied with, "I kinda lied."

After a sigh, Jeremy looked back to the group, "Whenever my sister falls asleep, sometimes she has these bad nightmares. We think it's because of what happened to our parents."


"Ah.." Kiseki nodded in understanding, "I'm sorry..." There was a pause as he absentmindedly sketched a few more soft lines on his paper before lifting his eyes again, "Have you guys heard about the crazy nightmare epidemic going around?"

Normally, Ichiru would have gently kicked, nudged or gave his brother a warning look, but he knew that the problem was so well known, even if Ashley, Jeremy and Lani didn't know about it, they'd find out.

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