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Angry Re: Pokemon Ranger~Stand By Me~

Oh, My God! What the hell!? Can you people not just use your imagination and just make stuff up as you go!? It's an rp! Do you idiots have to be told how to rp!? It's an OC! Make up your own plot ans just wing it as you go! You're not some ******' brainless person that need to be told what to do! Dammit! You peole are so DAMN annoying! You need a longer plot, pht! The hell ever! What the hell is up with you dumb asses for 'Spell everything perfectly', 'Be so perfect on here', 'have your posts be a damn book length'! GOD! You People Piss Me Off! I just wanted to find a cool site to rp on for Pokemon and have a cool, successful rp, but NO! ******** like you always have to be so 'perfect'! Well reality check, YOU'RE NOT! Go **** Yourselves! ********! ****!

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