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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

Lani Hyland
School (Art Class)

Smiling, Lani wasn`t used to seeing Ichiru grin, however small this once may have been. Despite not having been answered, this was probably a good cue that her presence was going to allowed here.

"Hey. I'm Ashley, this is my brother Jeremy." The girl spoke, looking at the twins while her brother simply smiled. He returned his attention to Ashley within and moments, they were engaged in a conversation. After listening to the first few lines, it was clear that the topic seemed to be on a personal subject, so Lani figured it wasn`t her place to tune in. Instead, her attention diverted to the twin boys, noticing Kiseki seemed to be a little dozed out. Not wanting to stare, again, she instead looked down at her binder. Like many of the others, this was material, and boasted a zipper, which was also rather common. Sky blue was its primary colour, although black was also present, the shade boarding the edges its spine. She slowly wondered what task they would have to do today...

"This one over here," the sudden change in Jeremy pitch drew Lani`s attention, and it was easy to see he was now addressing the group, "decided to punch me in the lip this morning." He seemed to be more upbeat, so this didn`t raise any red flags for the girl.

"Oh that was not my fault and you know it. Besides, you had it coming anyways." His sister added, jokingly. Her brother responded light-heartedly, and the twins both provided responses leading to the fact that they toke it humorously.

"Alright class, today you guys can free draw. You can draw anything you want and show it to me after class. Paper and sharpened pencils are right on my desk." Mr. Tanner`s voice startled the girl, having almost forgotten she was even in class.

"I'll get everything." Ashley offered kindly, rising to her feet and going over to get the supplies. Lani smiled, in response. When she returned, her brother expressed a nice “thanks”.
"Thank you." The sound of Kiseki and Ichiru speaking at the same time, almost prying the dark blonde gaze over. After a moment had passed, she brought this back to Ashley.

“Thank-you much,” As silly as it sounded, Lani said this rather often when thanking somebody.

"So what's there to do for fun around here?" Ashley spoke, after acquiring an idea of what to draw from her brother. Staring a little nervously at the taunting blank sheet of paper, the girl slowly opened her mouth to speak, but Kiseki was faster.

Actually, both the twins contributed some information. From this, Lani learned that Kiseki enjoyed playing electronic games. Looking over at him, it wasn`t hard to notice that he was getting started on his piece. She unintentionally stared as his pencil created a few soft lines. What was he drawing?

"Ooh, I heard a rumor that there's some sort of hidden passage or cave or something somewhere in the park... For some reason or other, everyone's afraid to go check it out, though." This seemed to prompt a chuckle and further comment from his twin, Ichiru.

“It`s, it`s actually pretty famous or infamous around here,” added Lani, remembering how her brother and his group of friends had once attempted to find the mystery passage. In the end, they came back claiming to have found nothing, and this the girl believed. Kai would have broadcasted such a discovery to the entire world…

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