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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

Kiseki heard Lani respond to Ashley's offer, as well as thank Ichiru for retrieving a chair, who nodded in response, a small smile finally appearing on his face in an attempt to look less gloomy.

"Hey. My name is Ashley, and this is my brother Jeremy." Both twins looked back to Ashley as she introduced herself and the boy beside her. So Kiseki had been right; he was her brother. She and Jeremy started up a conversation between themselves then, which brought Kiseki to begin to space out somewhat. However, when he heard mention of Ashley having nightmares, he snapped back into reality, glancing over at to meet Ichiru's eyes for only a second as the two of them silently repeated the word in their minds. Surely Ashley wasn't having the same problem as them.. right?

"This one over here," Jeremy looked at Ashley as he spoke, "decided to punch me in the lip this morning."

Kiseki stifled a chuckle as Ashley responded, and the smile from earlier was finally fully visible on Ichiru's face.

Alright class, today you guys can free draw. You can draw anything you want and show it to me after class. Paper and sharpened pencils are right on my desk."

Ichiru and Kiseki looked over to Mr. Tanner, who was seated at his desk as he spoke. Ashley announced that she'd get everything, rising and crossing the room to fetch paper and pencils from the teacher's desk.

"Thank you." For once, the twins spoke at the same time, seconds after Jeremy thanked his sister as well. In a lot of situations, they liked to do it just to mess with people, since they seemed to enjoy staring at them so much. It just gave them something else to marvel at. This time however, it was an accident, although neither teen acknowledged it as they each took a sheet of paper, as well as a pencil from the middle of the table. Neither of them knew what to draw, staring blankly at the white paper in front of them.

After a few moments of silence, Ashley spoke again, "So what's there to do for fun around here?"

"I think there's an arcade somewhere downtown," Kiseki responded, his pencil tapping lightly against the table as he thought, "We've only been there once, though. It could be different by now..." His thinking expression shifted to a smile, "Either way, video games a fun, right?"

"There's also a large park a few blocks from here that's great for picnics, hanging out and such," Ichiru finally spoke, bringing relief to his twin. He didn't like it when Ichiru clammed up and didn't speak to anyone.

Having finally decided what he was going to draw, Kiseki's pencil finally met the paper, creating thin, light lines. A short pause followed Ichiru's statement, after which Kiseki looked up again, having just thought of something.

"Ooh, I heard a rumor that there's some sort of hidden passage or cave or something somewhere in the park... For some reason or other, everyone's afraid to go check it out, though."

Ichiru chuckled at his brother's sudden enthusiasm, adding to his statement, "And the few that have supposedly found it won't speak about it. It's really weird."
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