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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

Ashley and Jeremy watched as everyone sat down at their table. Ashley smiled when she looked over at Lani and the twin brothers.

"I-I'm Kiseki, and this is Ichiru." Kiseki had said.
"Hey. I'm Ashley, this is my brother Jeremy." Ashley said. At least now Ashley was able to tell the two twins apart for today by their clothes and the way their hair went. Jeremy smiled and looked over at Ashley.

"Well after school is going to suck."
"Yeah I know. Aunt Jenna should be home from work to help unpack. Did you unpack your boxes yet Jeremy?"
"Yeah, did you?"
"Some of them. One of mom and dad's boxes were mixed up with mine last night."
"Really? Why didn't you tell me?"
"I don't know. I just brought it down to the basement with the rest of their stuff." Ashley said as she looked down. Jeremy did the same, then looked back up at Ashley.

"Do you think that's why you had a bad nightmare last night?"
"Yeah maybe." Ashley said as her glance fell over to Jeremy's bottom lip where a small cut could be seen. Jeremy knew what she was looking at and just chuckled a little bit. Jeremy turned his gaze to the other three and spoke so they wouldn't be left out.

"This one over here," Jeremy said as he looked at Ashley, then back over at the group, "decided to punch me in the lip this morning."
"Oh that was not my fault and you know it. Besides, you had it coming anyways." Ashley jokingly said.
"Haha sure." They both just shook their heads and sat there.

"Alright class, today you guys can free draw. You can draw anything you want and show it to me after class. Paper and sharpened pencils are right on my desk." Mr. Tanner said from his chair. Ashley stood up and looked at everyone at her group.

"I'll get everything." Ashley said. She walked over to Mr. Tanner's desk and grabbed five pieces of paper and five pencils. She walked back over to her own table and sat down, putting everything in the middle of the table.

"Thanks Ash." Jeremy said as he grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil. Ashley did the same and looked down at the paper, thinking of what to draw. Drawing dragons was one of Jeremy's specialties, so Ashley knew what Jeremy was going to draw. Jeremy looked up, seeing that his sister couldn't think of what to draw.

"Why don't you draw a Japanese scenery? That would be very pretty."
"Good idea." Ashley said as she began to draw. She was very good at drawing, so she knew that it was going to turn out nice. Ashley looked up at the group and smiled. "So what's there to do for fun around here?" Ashley asked.
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