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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

Lani Hyland
School (Art Class)

"Hey. My name is Ashley, this is my brother Jeremy. We're new students here." Lani was quite glad that her crappy introduction went uncommented, like it could have easily. She wondered if it was the lack of sleep that was to blame for the ongoing weird sensation, or if there was really something more in play here. Either way, just standing there was probably not the best of ideas, and just before the girl could give a more proper answer, her hazel eyes caught a glimpse of Kiseki and Ichiru. Not wanting to stare, again, the girl tore her gaze from the twins and refocused them toward Ashley and her brother. They appeared to be texting, she`d seen it done about a zillion times, and so, waited, not wanting to be a bother.

"H-Hi Lani." The unexpected voice of Kiseki caught her way off guard, almost startling the girl. Turning to face him, she was struck by the exact same feeling; it mirrored that felt around Ashley. Trying to look him in the eye was proving very difficult, and with each minor attempt, Lani felt her cheeks burn slightly. Please, don`t let me blush now; silent hopes were probably in vain at this point, however. She was so caught up that his second set of words was almost missed, almost.

"Well I see that you two made some new friends. Since there's only four chairs and five of you guys, one of you can just take a chair from the back and bring it over here to the table." Mr. Tanner`s suggestion had maybe saved Lani from looking like a complete incompetent, and for his “intervention”, she was glad. After Ashley responded with a nod, the contented teacher stepped away, leaving the students to act how they wished.

"Do you guys wanna sit with us?" The brunette girl asked, looking at Lani and the twin boys.

"Sure, if it wouldn't bother you," Kiseki answered after a few instances, and managed to beat her in replying. Was it the lack of sleep causing the slowness, or the feeling that was only stronger now? Maybe a combination of both?

“Thank-you, Ichiru,” Lani said, sounding maybe a little too formal, in response to the boy`s getting her a chair from the back. Before actually seating herself, however, she had to confirm, “Okay… if that isn`t a problem for any of you,”

"I-I'm Kiseki, and this is Ichiru." The boy spoke seconds after Lani`s mouth closed, and she awaited an answer, feeling only slightly less nervous then before...

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