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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

""Well I see that you two made some new friends. Since there's only four chairs and five of you guys, one of you can just take a chair from the back and bring it over here to the table." Kiseki jumped when Mr Tanner came over and spoke to them. He simply nodded in response to the teacher, glancing at Ichiru's amused expression with a slight glare that seemed to say "shut up". Had he not been tired, he would have no doubt made a comment about Kiseki's nervous state.

"Do you guys wanna sit with us?" Ashley asked the three.

"Sure, if it wouldn't bother you," Kiseki responded after a moment's consideration. Ichiru, who remembered what Mr. Tanner had said, went to the back and fetched a chair, adding it to the table incase Lani wanted to sit down. Kiseki looked at him for a moment, questioning his status with his eyes. Normally Ichiru would speak to anyone new, and acted a lot more friendly than he was today. Although sometimes he still seemed kind of distant at first...

Nonetheless, the younger twin took the seat across from Ashley somewhat hesitately, Ichiru following suit a few seconds later. He winced when his back connected with the back of the chair, but recovered quickly for fear of being questioned.

"I-I'm Kiseki, and this is Ichiru."
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