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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

Ashley continued to look over at the door to see who would walk in next. After a minute or two, a girl who seemed to be a little younger then Ashley and Jeremy walked it. The same feeling that she had with the twin brothers washed over her again. She looked down, then back over at Jeremy.

"Everything okay Ash?"
"I'm getting that weird feeling again..." Ashley said. Jeremy just looked at her, then slowly turned around and saw the girl. She walked over to Ashley and Jeremy, which made Ashley take in a deep breath.

"Hi…hiya, I'm Lani, and…" Lani had said. She paused at mid sentence, just looking at Ashley. Ashley just looked back over at her, then broke the silence.

"Hey. My name is Ashley, this is my brother Jeremy. We're new students here." Ashley had said. Jeremy lightly kicked Ashley's foot from underneath the table. When she looked up at him again, she saw him wave his cellphone for a second or two, then moved his hands underneath the table. Ashley quickly nodded and grabbed her's. Ashley looked up again, seeing the two twins walking towards the three of them. The feeling had gotten stronger, a lot stronger then before. Ashley quickly pulled up her text messages and wrote one to Jeremy before he sent her one first.

The twins r here and theyre coming over towards us. Something isnt right tho. The feeling that I was getting is a lot stronger now. I'll tell you l8r. Ashley sent the text message to Jeremy's phone. Jeremy read it and just nodded, putting his phone back into his pocket. Ashley put her's back into her pocket as well and looked over at the twins, who were now at their table.

"H-Hi Lani." The one twin said with a shy smile. Then he spoke again. "Are these friends of yours?" Mr. Tanner walked over to the group and smiled.

"Well I see that you two made some new friends. Since there's only four chairs and five of you guys, one of you can just take a chair from the back and bring it over here to the table." Mr. Tanner had said. Ashley nodded and looked at the three.

"Do you guys wanna sit with us?" Ashley asked.
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