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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

OoC: Nah, it's okay. The school starts at grade 9, so you don't have to worry about the post. It's fine. ^^

IC: After a few more minutes, the classroom was full, and the teacher began to speak.

"Everyone, we have a new student named Ashley. I want everyone to make her feel welcomed."

Every eye in the classroom shifted to the girl beside Kiseki, which he knew had to be uncomfortable. Throughout the classroom, you could hear students saying "Hi", "hey" or "hello", although most of them were silent. Kiseki was unable to make himself speak at the moment and simply gave Ashley the most welcoming smile he could muster at the moment.

Class seemed to drag on forever after that, which really didn't help the twins' fatigue. Ichiru had to nudge Kiseki once or twice to keep him from falling asleep. When it was finally over, all of the students rose and filed out of the room, Kiseki and Ichiru in the midst.

Kiseki spotted Ashley talking to another guy near a locker not too far away, but refrained himself from staring or appearing to stare by pulling out the class schedule again.

"Looks like our next class is art."

Ichiru stifled a yawn from his spot against a locker, glancing at the paper in his brother's hands. A group of students passed by, laughing and joking together. Kiseki folded the paper again and put it away, looking back to Ichiru, who looked as though he could slip into slumber at any moment.

"Don't fall asleep," he nudged the elder twin, worry flickering in his emerald eyes, "If we can make it to lunch without passing out, we should be okay."

Ichiru simply nodded, straightening himself and turning in the opposite direction.

"Art, you said?"


"Let's get it over with, then..."

Kiseki followed Ichiru down the hallway, his eyes fixed on the tiled floor beneath him. He knew it had to be harder for him to stay awake, since he hadn't slept that night at all. Kiseki may have woken with a severe bruise, but he had at least gotten to sleep, so he didn't have to worry about it as much.

When the pair arrived at the art classroom, most of the seats were already taken. Kiseki instantly spotted Ashley and the boy from before, along with a familiar face across the room. Kiseki could see now that they boy looked a little younger than Ashley, maybe by a year or two. Maybe he was her brother, or one of her relatives.

"Isn't that Lani?" Kiseki glanced at Ichiru when he spoke, simply nodding to the question. Did she know the two newcomers? Or was she just being friendly?

Ichiru and Kiseki walked over to the three, Ichiru following Kiseki this time. Even though they had gone to school together for awhile, neither of them had ever bothered talking to Lani. They had always stayed to themselves. This could have been because of their nightmares, which started for both of them when they entered high school. Ichiru had joked once that maybe the school was haunted and giving them nightmares. Either way, out of most of the people they'd been around during their time at the school, Lani seemed to be one of the most decent.

However, as they approached, both twins were struck with the same feeling as they had experienced with Ashley. What was this... connection?

Kiseki shook the feeling off, deciding to be the first to speak.

"H-Hi Lani." Kiseki spoke with a somewhat shy smile. He knew it had to be weird that he'd just come up and spoken to her out of nowhere. "Are these friends of yours?"

There didn't seem to be a losing side to this situation. If Lani didn't know Ashley and the boy, then maybe this could be the chance to make three new friends. If she did, then maybe he and Ichiru could decipher what the strange feeling was, plus make some new friends. It seemed to work out either way, so long as everyone was friendly.

OoC: Haha these are the longest posts I've made in awhile. xD
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