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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

Lani Hyland
En route to school-school

Living only a few streets from the school, Lani usually found herself walking or riding her bike, although the latter was rare. This morning was no exception, the girl strolling rather slowly onward, not really paying attention to the familiar scenery. Being located in a rather residential area, the view mainly consisted of houses, yards, greenery and the occasional passing vehicle. This also meant that the noise pollution was rather minimal, but as she neared the education faculty, the quiet was increasingly interrupted. Sounds of talking, laughing and even the odd scream invaded the airwaves, and made the school very hard to miss.

As usual, large groups of students could be found outside, enjoying the now limited days of nice weather. Actually, Lani quite enjoyed the autumn climate, cool, breezy, cloudy. Despite this season being infamous for “back to school time” among children and teens alike, the girl actually had it picked as her favourite. There was just something about it, stretching further then the pleasant forecasts that was attracting. Maybe the colourful leaves?

“I can`t, you know, believe how much they look alike,” spoke a female voice, the girl whose it was staring curiously at familiar faces. Lani had seen these boys around before, and knew them to be in the same grade as she, albeit older. They always seemed to draw stares from the student body, despite having attended this school since the ninth grade. The girl felt a little badly, and quickly drew her eyes away from her peers, realising she`d ogled herself. Lani, however, couldn`t help but give Kiseki one last look before heading off toward her locker.

Biology was an interesting class to start off the day with. The material was interesting, the teacher nice, and the girl only wished she could concentrate better. This morning, they were actually starting a new unit, DNA replication. For half of Ms. Price`s lecture, Lani found herself completely distracted, which was becoming for common for her. Reading the white board the woman stood in front of, it was easy to see that yeserday`s last period lesson had not been erased. Notes containing information about the Periodic Table of Elements neatly consumed the top half. At the far right was an orderly table, divided by class, noting the assignments that were to be completed. In the first period Biology box a nice blank space was provided, no homework.

“And remember to bring your textbooks tomorrow,” reminded Ms. Price, taking a purple marker and filling the information in the previously white square. Lani made a quick note of this at the bottom of the page that she`d opened up to, which happened to be the intro hand out for this section. As her hand lifted from the green sheet, the bell went, class one, over.

The art room was actually across the school, so when she arrived, it was no shock that most spots were claimed already. Most of the kids taking this course had friends with them, which didn`t apply to her, anymore.

“Wait, wha?” Lani noticed two unfamiliar faces sitting straight across from each other, one a girl and the other a guy. Were they new? Tightening her gip on her sky blue binder, the girl slowly approached their table, which was as paint stained as all the others. “Hi…hiya, I`m Lani, and…” this really bizarre feeling came upon her, interrupting the introduction. It was as if they were connected, somehow…

00C: I assumed here that high school started in grade 9. Sorry if this clashes or something, and I`ll change it if it does!

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