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Default Re: Signature & Avatar Showcase

Originally Posted by Y2kPikachu12 View Post
I like your tag but theres some problems. Imo, there's not really much of a flow, It kinda goes to the right but the arrows are conflicting and theres just not much that totally goes that way except her (his?xD) hair.

Also, for me the light source in the bottom left is sort of distracting and it doesn't seem to affect the rest of the tag much.
Well, it's nice to hear some criticism. Lol. ^_^ Yeah, my light source is really wacky. It was my first time using them. O.o

Since when did you start using graphix?! When did I miss this? Hehe. Anyway, it's not bad. I like the render, and the c4d goes with it, even if the shade is slightly off. However, I would suggest adding a border, cause' I'm a stickler for em'. Lol.

Also, the left side seems kind of boring. It's not completely bare, as the stars and the extra glow on some of them help. I would say to add something there, perhaps. Oh, and the text is hard to read.
I'm baaaaaack. :3
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