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Default Re: Signature & Avatar Showcase

Originally Posted by Retro-Smasher View Post
Dark: I really like the banner, the use of nice little add ons makes it so cool and the colors and stuff are all great. Are there any CD4's in there?

Hey, this is my first banner, and I have no idea how to use gimp for banners, so this might be bad but go easy on it k?

Those are my renders btw.
Yes, there is a C4D in there.

It's not bad at all for a first banner. Obviously, you want to learn to add stuff like light sources, c4d's, brushes, ect. I would try looking for some tutorials on Gimp-Talk or Gimp-Tutorials to up your skills. You could also look for a mentor in the area of graphic arts, be it here or on another site.

Oh, and did you render the images yourself? Nice job, if you did. ^_^
I'm baaaaaack. :3
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