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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

Ashley was sitting in her seat, still looking out the window. After a few short minutes the bell had rung, which made Ashley turn her head. The entire class was filled now, leaving no empty seats. She noticed that the two boys on her left side were twin brothers. She felt a little weird though, like there was something about them she knew about already. Ashley just turned back around and looked at the teacher.

"Everyone, we have a new student named Ashley. I want everyone to make her feel welcomed." The teacher had said. Most of the class had turned around and looked at her, some of them saying 'hello', 'hey', and 'hi'. Ashley turned her head and gave an awkward smile, then turned back towards the front. The class seemed to go on forever, which was making Ashley a little tired. She pulled out her class schedule, seeing what she had next. Luckily it was Art so she would at least have her brother to talk to. The bell rang and Ashley got up, walking out of the class. In the hallway she saw her brother Jeremy leaning up against a locker waiting for her.

"Hey, how was English?"
"Boring. Did the teacher introduce you to the whole class also?"
"Yup..." Ashley just chuckled and walked to art class with her brother.
"Something happened in class though."
"Like what?"
"Well, there were these two twin brothers who sat next to me. It felt like I had some sort of connection with them or something, it was weird."
"Like 'dingo ate my baby' weird?"
"What? Dude, you have been watching WAY too much Supernatural."
"Ha yeah I know."
"But seriously, I had a weird feeling."
"Ash, I'm sure it's nothing. Maybe you're just nervous about the first day and all. Maybe you're afraid you'll fall asleep in school?"
"That's the last thing I need to happen..."
"It won't, don't worry. After art, we have gym, a different class and then lunch. Once you have a full meal you'll be awake for the rest of the day."
"Yeah, you're right." Ashley said. The two of them walked into their art class and made their way over to the teacher.

"Hey, I'm Jeremy Gilbert, this is my sister Ashley. We're new to this school."
"Oh hello, my name is Mr. Tanner. You can sit anywhere you like." The two of them nodded and looked at the tables. In the room were five square tables which sat four people at a time, two chairs on one side, and two chairs on the other. Ashley and Jeremy walked to an empty table and sat down from across another, leaving an free seat on both of their sides.

"Are you tired at all Ash?"
"No actually. I feel completely awake for once."
"That's really good. Your eyes sometimes have bags under them, but today there aren't any."
"Yeah. I just hope this new town changes things."
"Yeah, me too." Jeremy said. Ashley looked to her left, seeing the empty stool. Jeremy did the same, but looked to his right, looking at the empty stool.
"Do you think someone will sit next to us?" Ashley asked.
"I guess it depends on how many people are in this class. It's mixed grades in here." Jeremy said. Ashley nodded and glanced over at the door, looking to see who would walk in next. That weird feeling Ashley got from those twin brothers was still bothering her.

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