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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

OoC: Haha all the talk of sleep is making me tired.. xD

IC: Kiseki descended the stairs slowly, still half asleep, to find his older twin waiting for him near the door. He shifted the backpack - so much heavier than normal - on his shoulder, wincing as it brushed against his back. Ichiru extended an arm to his brother, a fresh bagel resting between his fingers. Kiseki honestly didn't really feel like eating, but he'd learned by now that hunger lead to fatigue, which led to sleep, which of course led to nightmares. He gave his brother a small smile and took the bagel.

Ichiru glanced at the clock, hoisting his pack onto his shoulder, "We're gonna be late if we don't leave now.."

Kiseki followed his gaze, instantly noticing that there was only ten minutes left before class started.

"C'mon, I'll drive." Kiseki followed Ichiru through the front door and out to the car, attempting to still eat the bagel in the process.

A few minutes later, Ichiru pulled into the school parking lot, glancing at Kiseki as he put the car in park and shut off the engine. "You okay?"

Kiseki nodded. He'd finished his bagel during the drive, and was more awake now, but fatigue still clouded his mind.

The two got out, recieving a few stares from students gathered outside.

"Geez, you'd think they'd never saw twins before..." Ichiru muttered under his breath as he led his brother through the school's front doors. He and Kiseki had already been coming to the school for a few years, and they had been around the same students for most of that time, yet people still stared at them if they were together - like they were mutants or something. Of course, the two of them were always together - even in class. The teachers had always put them in the same classes; most of the time, only in one or two classes would they be separated - if at all.

Kiseki pulled out a folded piece of paper from his hoodie pocket, unfolding it to look at the contents inside.

"Looks like our first class is English."

Ichiru nodded, glancing at the younger twin as he folded the paper again and slipped it back into his pocket. This school was rather large, but the two of them had grown familiar with it over time.

After a few turns and quite a bit of walking, Ichiru and Kiseki walked into the English classroom. Even though it was almost time for class to start, there were only a few students in the room. One of them, however, looked unfamiliar. She was sitting by herself near one of the windows. Kiseki furrowed his brow, knowing that he hadn't seen her before. Was she new?

"Hey." Ichiru nudged the boy, bringing him to tear his gaze away from the new face and look at his twin, who had already taken a seat near the middle of the room. His normal places - near the door and at the back - were already taken. Kiseki noticed that Ichiru's seat was only one seat away from the girl he'd noticed, and that the said seat was the only one open - near his brother, that is.

Kiseki took the seat between Ichiru and the girl, keeping his gaze on the ground until he was seated. Something about the girl seemed to be different.. It was like he knew her somehow; like somehow they were connected. It was the strangest feeling, and he knew it was weird, but he couldn't seem to shake it.
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