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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

"AHH!" A loud scream could be heard from Ashley's room. Ashley's younger brother Jeremy raced upstairs from the kitchen and went into Ashley's room. Another scream loudly escaped from her. "He's going to kill me! Get away!" Ashley yelled as she started to kick her legs and wave her arms around.

"Ashley!" Jeremy yelled as he ran over to her. He sat on the bed and tried to shake her to wake up, but she punched him right in the lip in her sleep. Jeremy quickly grabbed both of her hands and held them down. "Wake up Ashley, wake up!" Jeremy yelled. A few moments later her body had stopped moving and she quickly opened her eyes, gasping for air.

"Jeremy?" Ashley whispered. Jeremy just wrapped his arms around his sister and held her for a few seconds without saying a word. When he let Ashley go, he just looked at her and spoke.
"What happened this time?"
"I-I'm not sure. Someone was out to get me. It was too dark to see anything, but I know someone was there. Oh man Jeremy, your lip." Ashley said as she saw that her brother's bottom lip was bleeding a little bit.
"Ah don't worry about it, it's nothing."
"Great, our first day at a new school and you have a cut lip already."
"Hey don't worry about it. Are you sure you're ready for a new school?"
"Yeah. Maybe it will help with everything."
"Alright." Jeremy said. He hugged his sister one more time and stood up, walking out of the room. Ashley just sat there for a few seconds, steadying her breathing. After taking a few deep breaths, Ashley stood up and got herself dressed. She wore a black t-shirt with a red heart on it which had a dagger going through the middle, dark blue tattered jeans and black converse sneakers. Ashley walked over to the mirror and looked at herself.

"I can do this. This new beginning has to work, please work." Ashley said to herself. She brushed out her hair until all the knots were out, making her hair perfectly straight. Hanging from her mirror was a necklace that her mother had given her. She put it around her neck, grabbed her bag and walked downstairs to the kitchen where she saw Jeremy with two bagels.
"Here, you're going to need your strength." Jeremy said as he held out one of the bagels. Ashley smiled and grabbed it.
"So who's driving?"
"I will."
"Are you sure? Since I damaged your lip and everything I owe you..."
"Don't worry about it, I'll drive. Come on lets go." Jeremy said as he quickly finished up his bagel and grabbed his bag. Ashley nodded and the two of them walked out of the house and headed to Jeremy's car. Their aunt's car was already gone and off to work. They made their way inside Jeremy's car and he drove off.
"What do you wanna listen to?" Ashley asked as she plugged in her ipod into the car adapter and turned it on."
"Anything is fine with me. Just make it really loud." Jeremy said. Ashley nodded and put on Story of the Year, blasting their whole album. Ashley finished her bagel just in time as Jeremy pulled into the school's parking lot. People were staring at the two of them because of the loud music, but Jeremy didn't care. He turned off his car and the two of them got out, just looking at each other, then at the school. "Damn, pretty big school."
"Yeah." Ashley said. The two of them walked inside together and headed to Ashley's first class. They each had a small map of the school so their classes shouldn't be hard to find. Some boys were looking at Ashley, just smiling at her. Jeremy gave them each a death gaze, knowing what they were thinking about. Ashley just rolled her eyes and ignored the boys.
"Alright. My phone is on silent and I'll be checking it at least twice in every class. If you need me then just text my phone."
"Okay, but don't worry about me silly. Just worry about yourself. It's not easy being a junior at a new high school."
"Well it's not easy being a senior at a new high school. You might need me." Jeremy said. Ashley just sighed and have him a tight hug.
"I'll be fine. We have the same lunch, art and gym period so I'll see you then." Ashley said. Jeremy nodded and gave Ashley a smile. He waved goodbye and walked away. Ashley quickly put her phone on silent as well and walked into her first class, English. The teacher turned around and smiled at Ashley.

"Hello, are you Ashley?"
"Yeah, Ashley Gilbert."
"Welcome Ashley, my name is Mrs.Cook. You can have a seat anywhere you like. I don't have assigned seats for anyone."
"Okay thank you." Ashley said. There were a few kids in the classroom already, but class wouldn't be starting until ten minutes or so. Ashley walked over to the row that was closest to the windows which had no students seated yet and sat down in the third seat.

"Please be a good day today..."
Ashley thought to herself as she looked out the window.
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