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Default World of Nightmares [RP]

Okay, here's the roleplay. Sign ups are still open, anyone who wants to sign up, and all roleplayers are free to create another character if they like. Just make sure you can keep up with them all.

Just to keep everyone's mind fresh on the plot and all...

Dreams... Imaginary worlds formed by the creativity and imagination of the mind. Your dreams can include anything, and end in many different ways. Some dreams are pleasant, others horrifying. The dreams which scare us have been labeled as nightmares. Due to hidden fears buried deep within our hearts and minds, we sometimes have nightmares, created from those fears as our minds roam freely. Fortunately, no matter how horrible a nightmare is, you can never feel the pain of it, and you always wake up ... until now.

A strange epidemic seems to have broken out among this generation's humans. Many have begun to have strange, realistic nightmares in which pain, along with other sensations can be felt. All across the country, people have been waking in terror, mental and physical scars haunting them. There have been numerous tales of victims waking with gashes, cuts or even deep puncture wounds adorning their bodies. There seems to be no limit when it comes to their nightmares. Rare cases have been reported in which the victim died in their sleep, due to severe wounds dealt to the body. Some have tried staying awake to avoid their nightmares, but this has been proven impossible, and, in the end, simply leads to extreme fatigue and insanity. Although all nightmares seem to be different, they all have the same effect, and it appears that they all link together in one way or another as well...

Your Role
As one of the victims of these horrific nightmares, you must defeat your own fears in order to find out the truth - this link that connects all of the incidents. You must first find allies; there is obviously no way you can defeat this on your own. Teaming up against fear and insanity, you must fight your way to the end and put a stop to all of these deadly nightmares. But remember... once you fall asleep, you may not ever wake up again...

-You can only "fight" your nightmares if you're asleep. The problem doesn't occur in the real world.

-All that can be seen of the nightmares in the real world is the wounds being inflicted on the host.

-After falling asleep so many times, it is possible that you can't wake up again until your nightmare is over. (No, this doesn't mean you're dead)

-If you die in your dreams, you die for real.

1) No Godmodding
2) No spamming
3) No flaming
4) No bunnying without the other roleplayer's consent.
5) Foul language to a minimum. I don't want characters to be cursing three or four times every time they speak.
6) Romance is allowed, but no more than PG-13, please.
7) Violence is allowed (of course), but try not to get too gory.
8) No one-liners.
9) Proper grammar and spelling is required.
10) Let me know if you will be away, so that I won't have to remove you from the roleplay for inactivity.
11) Have fun!

And now for my suckish post. :'D

Black. Everything was pitch black. Kiseki couldn't see even two feet in front of him. It seemed as though he were the only person alive in this dark, soundless world. Where the heck was he? There was a sharp pain in his eyes that he really didn't understand. He wanted to rub them or something, but was too concerned about his surroundings - or lack thereof.

"Are you afraid, boy?"

Kiseki jumped as a voice sounded from somewhere around him. He couldn't pinpoint a certain direction; it seemed to be coming from all sides at once. He swallowed dryly, his eyes darting back and forth across the darkness, trying to find the source of the demonic voice. He could feel his pulse begin to quicken; he knew something bad was going to happen...

A deep chuckle emitted from the darkness,
"Heh, you should be..."

Kiseki turned, looking around behind him in vain. He knew he couldn't see, but his instincts still drove him to try to find whoever was speaking to him. The pain in his eyes was getting worse, and his could feel something running down his cheeks. Was he crying? Certainly not, right? He reached up to run his fingers across his left cheek, feeling a thick, wet liquid trailing down to his chin. This couldn't be tears; it felt nothing like water.


He traced his cheek up to his eyes, where the liquid was the thickest. As he reached his destination, his heart skipped a beat in its quickening, and his breath caught in his throat. He had no eyes! There were only empty sockets where his eyes were supposed to be. The liquid running from within the holes must have been blood.


A throaty, malevolent laugh rang out at the teen's realization, and Kiseki could hear a strange noise coming from behind him. He started to turn around, but was halted abruptly when a sharp, heavy object crashed into his back. He opened his mouth to scream, but nothing came out.


Kiseki jolted up, his own screaming scaring him half to death. He looked around frantically, instantly noticing that his eyes were back.

"Hey." A hand rested on Kiseki's shoulder and he jumped, shifting his gaze to see another face - a mirror of his own - looking back at him with a concerned expression. "You okay?"

"Ichiru," Kiseki breathed his twin's name in relief, glad to be back in his own world, "What happened?"

"You had another nightmare," Ichiru responded to him, sitting back and looking at his brother tiredly. "You started to look like you were in pain, so I tried to wake you up. It seems that your own screaming did it for me."

Kiseki sighed, staring at his lap. So it had all been a nightmare again... This one hadn't been nearly as bad, but still... having no eyes was pretty bad. He shifted, wincing slightly and touching his back.

"Did something happen?" Ichiru leaned forward again, putting his hand in place of Kiseki's as the younger twin's hand dropped back into his lap. He pushed up Kiseki's t-shirt, which made him wince again. A large, bloodied bruise adorned the teen's back, the black, blue and red standing out against his pale skin.

"Not really... In the nightmare, I couldn't see.. turns out my eyes were missing..." Kiseki responded softly, "And then at the end of the dream, something hit me in the back. That must be what made me scream and wake myself up."

Ichiru nodded, sliding Kiseki's shirt back down. "You were beginning to claw at your eyes in your sleep. That was probably part of the dream's effect. There's a large bruise on your back from that last hit. It looks like it may take awhile to heal."

Kiseki sighed, turning to look at his brother. He noticed the bags under his twin's eyes. He looked extremely tired.

"You didn't sleep again last night, did you?"

Ichiru shook his head.


The older teen rose, glancing at the clock. "Well, in any case, we still have to go to school..." He looked back to Kiseki, "Or would you rather stay out today? That bruise could be troublesome."

"No, I'll be fine." Kiseki stood up, ignoring the pain that jolted up his spine. "I'll be ready soon; go on ahead."

OoC: Fail. I'll bring them to school in the next post; too lazy to write anymore right now.
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