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Default Re: The Path of Destiny (PG/PG-13)

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
XD That's okay! I'm more interested in the story comments!

Oh, okay! I just made a post there! =D But where can you make a post for your Pe2k family? D= In that thread it says to only make one post...


I know! Even freakier if you didn't know how it happened!

XD Yeah, I don't know if I've mentioned them on here! I didn't cut any scenes in the last chapter, though! XDDD Yeah, and the main bad guy is a water type. D:

Distractions? Psh...that's not gonna...oooh, look, a butterfly! *wanders off*

BECAUSE IT IS FUNNY! *over-dramatic maniacal evil laugh* Yep! (XD That too!) DON'T WORRY I SHALL START WRITING IT WHEN INSPIRATIONNESS STRIKES. Do you still have bigly inspiration? OwO
xDDD Me too! GO STORY COMMENTS!!!!!!!!

WOOHOO! Oh, I remember showing you a while ago, so it's all good. xD

xDDD Yeah, I know, right? "Oh...HAI RANDOM FOOT!!! O_O;;"

xD Butterflies? Pshaw! Butterflies don't...butterflies don't dis....distract...OH A SPOON!

WOAH YOU AND YOUR SCARY OVER-DRAMATIC MANIACAL LAUGH IS SCARY! Oh, how excitement! Well, not really. Kind of. xDD Now that we're talking about THAT NEW STORY I'M REALLY PUMPED AND INSPIRED!!1!!!!

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
XD Yeah...I'm still curious as to what her opinion on Thunder would be (both just meeting her and if she knew more about the whole story).

XDDD Ugh, loose...SEE? I TOLD YOU I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT! D:::::: Haha, yeah, Firedash can't do much to harm anyone (except the growlithe clan, really, by taking their land). Cyclone, however... Yeah, Scytheclaw's not on Snowcrystal's OR Cyclone's side. Oh, okay. xD Well, you'll find out more about that in a while. XDDD UFO music! Well, you'll see! Not in the next chapter though.
Well, I remember that one day she met Thunder in character chat, and she said she thought her collar looked cool. xDD Thunder wasn't happy. Dx And then she went on to have an argument with Blazefang about fire. xDDD

xDDDDDDDDDD It's okay, you're improving!! Yeah, I guess she can't. She's their leader, after all. xD (Yeah, true!) Ooh, Cyclone... Yeah. THANKFULLY. If he was on Cyclone's side, I'd be really worried. Dx xDDD Haha, okay! 8D xDDD Yep. It's pretty creepy music. xD

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Yay for ideas in the shower!

Yeah, he would have no interest in Nightshade, thankfully! Yeah, I was wondering if anyone was going to mention that. Thunder can't battle, but she's a highly trained pokemon who has been battling for Master since she was very young and knows everything he taught her, so she's very valuable to him. He is going to have to treat her wounds and such, but that certainly doesn't mean things are going to be easy for her; he has ways to cause her pain without actually injuring her if he wants. This also doesn't mean she'll get the amount of time she should to recover, but it's something. And even though she won't be battling for him for a while, Thunder certainly won't be having a good time as one of his pokemon, to put it lightly (particularly with how much she hates him and stuff). D:
I KNOW RIGHT. It's where I do most of my thinking.

Yeah, I thought so. I was still curious though. xDD Oh, you were? o: Well, you can trust me to bring it up! x) Yeah, especially since he went to all that effort to look for her and carry her poke ball around. Yeah, that's a really good point... I think there are only minor positives to this situation--but to her, no positives whatsoever, especially since she never wanted to rest because she thought she didn't need it. Yeah, I bet he has all sorts of ways of treating his pokemon horribly. :( Well, I think I already know that!

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
I'm glad you do! Because I totally LOVE comments like this. *has said this a million times* YES YOU DO! AND I LOVE IT. =D Yes, this is definitely a good rambling. xD Yeah, I agree...worth it, but unfortunately the other pokemon didn't think so. Yeah, at least Alex cared. I can see her doing that too! Yep, Thunder's stuck there and she knows it.

Yep, it was mentioned earlier in the story that Redclaw was owned for a much shorter time than Thunder, and that he wasn't one of Master's main battlers (actually, he was used to train younger pokemon Master intended to be main battlers, and was evolved to prove more of a challenge to bigger pokemon). Yeah, me too. D: Yeah, exactly. It's not exactly something she was taught or could have learned...The other pokemon Master owned certainly weren't any help (apart from the ones she became friends with when she was young/nearly captured who were also new, but they died early on, and as they were Thunder's only real experience of caring for other pokemon...well, she didn't have much chance to learn DX).
xDDD I'm glad I do too! 8D Yeah. xD It's okay! 8D It makes me happy to see it makes you happy every time you tell me! 8D YAY. xDD Well at least my rambling is put to good use when talking about stories! I just gotta make sure I ramble about the right ones, because there's nothing worse than spending a long time on a reply to a story, only to have it replied to in one or two sentences. Dx I've done that too many times. x) Yeah, definitely. I'm glad Alex cared. It's like she doesn't have to understand to be sympathetic!

Oh yeah, haha. Oh, okay! I remember him going inside with a fire stone and then when Redclaw came out, he was an arcanine! Poof! Hi! I'm evolved now! Oh, I see! That's kind annoying. To always have to train pokemon. xD Well, when you didn't want to. But you know. Yeah, it's really sad that all her friends died. :( Well, everything about her past is sad. Dx I'm impressed she managed to live through all of that though. o: GOOD JOB THUNDER, EVEN THOUGH YOU PROBABLY DON'T LIKE BEING PRAISED.
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