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Default Re: Da shiniest log


[Legend Defender]

Holds On
No Weather
No terrain
Clauses On

Leader SiberianTiger vs Leman
Aerodactyl, Gengar, Tyranitar, vs Roserade, Flygon, Infernape, Starmie, Salamece


Roserade and Aerodactyl opened up. Aero used taunt while Roserade expected this and used Leaf storm, which did quite some damage. Rose rade switched out as aero set up rocks and brought Flygon in. Flygon immediately u-turned to Infernape who was hit by an ice fang and the rocks. Infernape then used Fake out and Mach punch to ko the Bird. Gengar came in and used Psychic to essentially ko the Ape. Next came in Roserade, and predicted by using Sleep Powder on a Gengar sub. So they then exchanged blows and then Starmie came in for Roserade and took a Psychic + Rocks damage. Tyranitar immediately came in for gengar and took a Psychic to its dark arse. Ttar set up a DD while Starmie surf'd. Tyranitar Crunched the incoming Roserade to ko it. Next came flygon and U-turned on the incoming Gengar to bring in Starmie. Gengar Sucka Punch'd to ko the Big Star. Flygon came in and outrage'd while Gengar icy Winded the Dragon. Salamence came in and expecting icy winded, hoped for a miss but it hit and its DD proved futile. Another SHadow Ball sealed Leman's Fate. GG Legend Defended.


SiberianTiger - $2,000 + Legend Defended
Leman - $1,000

I should get $2,500 for reffing.

Pe2k Salary: $4,500

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