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Default Re: [WAR IX]- URPG Section

Fierce Diety (Ain Soph - Without Limit) vs Bumblebee16 (Automatons of Dissonant Destruction)

Sleep/Freeze/OHKO Clause
No Holds
Normal Terrain/Weather

Fierce Diety with Infernape, Kingdra, Tyranitar
Bumblebee16 with Jolteon, Starmie, Togekiss

Par hax put Alonzo at a bad end, but some fancy play with Tyranitar won him the match.

Fierce Diety wins and gets $2000 + 1 Point
Bumblebee16 loses and gets $1000.
I should get $2000 for reffing.

Salary [WAR]: $4,000

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