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Default Re: Sprite Requests (request sprites here or in a shop)

Originally Posted by PokeDan View Post
all kanto pokemon fusion.
all johto pokemon fusion.
all hoenn pokemon fusion.
all sinnoh pokemon fusion.
all 493 pokemon fusion! :)
Are you kidding? Do you even know what you're asking people to do?

Originally Posted by kanga View Post
does anyone actualy realise that there is 242064 different combinations of 2 pokemon fusions thats doing 1 pokemon with every other pokemon one at a time, wow my mind is actually blown you know what i mean. anyway i was just wondering if anyone had started to try and do this or not if no one has then where should i go to make a topic for people to try and do this? ps we can also probably get alot of people and just have them donate their 2 pokemon fusions/splices. : happy:
Originally Posted by Agumonman View Post
well for that wou would need to head on over to the new thread button in this section an type in "[PROJECT] whatever name you want for it blah blah" and as far as i know none has actually tried to do them all sure 1 pokemon fused with all others lots of people do that but not all of the poke's cheers for your ideas you should try it!
Remember that this is the requests thread, dudes. Don't stray off topic.


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