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Default Re: [WAR IX]- URPG Section

Week 3

The special rule for this week is that each Pokemon on your team must match the type of another Pokemon on your team. Pokemon A shares a type with Pokemon B, and Pokemon C shares a type with Pokemon A or B.

So, having Xatu, Starmie, and Seaking would work because Xatu shares a type with Starmie (Psychic) and Starmie shares a type with Seaking (Water).

But, having a Togekiss, Jolteon, and a Miltank would not work, because although Togekiss shares a type with Miltank, nether Pokemon shares a type with Jolteon.

Pokemon of the Week:
This week, use a Mothim, Absol, Slaking, Hypno, Whiscash, Honchkrow, Marowak, Gastrodon, Jynx, or Bronzong in battle and win, and receive two wins for your team instead of one.

Week 3 Stats

Team Wins
  • Automatons of Dissonant Destruction- 10
  • Shizen no Senshi: Spirit Guardian Samurai- 7
  • Ain Soph-Without Limit- 10

Individual Wins
Lord Khajmer, Xalapeno- 6
RaptorJesus- 4
Bumblebee16- 2
iReign, Shinies, Sec, Ataro- 1

Point Distribution
  • ADD and Ain Soph each get half of a point for tying for the most team wins
  • ADD and SnS each get half of a point because Lord Khajmer and Xalapeno tied for most individual wins
  • Ain Soph gets a point because RaptorJesus used a POTW in each of his battles.

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