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Default Re: Pokemon Ranger~Stand By Me~

Species: Riolu
Name: Jaden
Age: 16 years old in human years
Sex: Female
Appearence: A normal looking Riolu, except she has cyan blue eyes and gray paws. She wears a dark red scarf/bandana around her neck.
History: Jaden lived with her mother, father, and brother in Hia Valley of Almia. She decided to leave home and travel, meeting different Pokemon and see Almia and it's different parts. She met Mandy, the Shiny Shaymin when she was in Veintown. They became friends and started traveling together.
Moves: Quick Attack, Force Palm, Counter, and
Other: Talk to humans telepathically

Species: Shaymin
Name: Mandy
Age: 13 in human years
Sex: Female
Appearence: A Shiny Shaymin
History: Mandy lived in Veintown. She would play in the forest with a small girl named Ichigo. Mandy brought back a Gracidea Flower and gave it to her, as a symbol of their friendship. Mandy met Jaden 5 years after Ichigo left to become a Pokemon Trainer and befriended Jaden, accepting the offer to travel with her.
Moves: Magical Leaf, Energy Ball, Synthesis, and Hyper Beam
Other: Has a Oran berry with her a all times.

Name: Ichigo
Nickname: Ichi
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Appearence: Ichigo is 5'4 with dark cyan blue hair and matching eyes. She wears a dark red turtle neck shirt with no sleeves and long baggy black jeans. She has two rubber bracelets on her right arm (One pink that says "Werewolves Bite!" and the other black with purple paw prints) with two rings on the same hand. One is a celestial ring (Moon, Stars, Etc.) on her pinky and the other has blue and red triangles on it on her ring finger. On her other hand she has a spinning silver ring on her ring finger. She wears yin yang earrings and an ear band with a sword on it on her right ear too. Her shoes are normal dark red slip on's. She's normally seen with a dark gray jacket on, but she does take it off sometimes.
Pokemon: Lucario, Eevee, Charizard, Murkrow(Crow), and Pickahu
History: Ichigo has lived in Almia all her life. Her mother is a Pokemon Ranger for Veintown. Ichigo usually goes to the Ranger base with her to help out with small petty things around the base, like cleaning and sometimes cooking for the others. Someday she hopes she can be a Ranger like her mother is, but for now, she'll settle with being a Pokemon Trainer.
Other: Has a Gracidea in her hair.