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Smile Re: What is your RBY/GSC Team?

R/Y restarted


Mew{ caught using glitch in the game, did not use cheating device}LV7 {just caught}
Blastoise LV55
Mewtwo LV70
Onix LV100
Pikachu LV77
Zapdos LV50


Entei LV50
Suicune LV100
Celebi{Caught in game, no cheating devices used. PM me to figure out how to get it. Note: Will need Red, Blue, or Yellow to get it. Also, it can only be done in Gold}LV100
Celebi{Cloned from original}LV100
Meganium LV88

Silver: restarted


Suicune LV90
Typlosion LV100
Snorlax LV100
Pikachu LV100
Charizard{Traded from Red}LV88
Ho-oh LV100

Please rate my team! Also, in Crystal, do you think i should switch one of them for Lugia?
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