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Default Re: Oh No! My Log is on Fire!

AIM Battle
Ladder Battle
3 vs 3
No Helds
Normal Terrain
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO Clause

Ataro (Tyranitar, Aerodactyl, Metagross)
Xalapeno (Ambipom, Jolteon, Breloom)

Ataro started out with a fail Focus Punch on the turn Ambipom used Low Kick. This allowed Ambipom to finish up Tyranitar with U-Turn, and Aerodactyl was then sent in to versus Jolteon. With Sandstorm up, Aerodactyl proved to be a hard rock to crack, so Jolteon used Rain Dance while Aerodactyl went with Rock Tomb. However, without Sandstorm damage, Earthquake couldn't KO anymore and Ataro was almost losing. THAT WAS WHEN Aerodactyl was commanded to use Taunt in hope of allowing Ataro's hidden Metagross to set up as a last resort move, and Jolteon happened to use Agility at that very moment, which failed. Aerodactyl then went with a suicidal Stealth Rock to aid Metagross even more in sweeping, while Metagross came in and used Agility on a Thunder, in which luckily for Ataro, didn't cause paralysis. At this time, Taunt ended for Jolteon but it was too late. Metagross finished off with an Earthquake and met Ambipom, who gave the metal tank a Fake Out attack. Then, since Ambipom couldn't break Metagross' Substitutes with any move, Ataro decided to use Substitute on TO's Thunder Wave. Metagross then used Meteor Mash while Ambipom used Double Hit, with the Substitute still being intact. Breloom was switched in, in hope of Effect Spore activating, but to no avail. Breloom took a Brick Break indaface and fainted upon Psychic connecting, leaving Ambipom to a Bullet Punch KO.

I get $1,500

Salary: $5,000
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