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Default Re: Art for Your Fan Fic

Scy, the only reason I draw art for my story was because you did, and I thought that was awesome! xDDD I also, for some reason, liked how for all the old ones you'd say "this is an old picture", because I wanted to have old art to go with my stories too, because then it's like you thought way ahead and drew pictures for future chapters. xDDD I dunno. Something like that! But seriously--I only started because you had pictures. xDD

Yeah, I draw pictures. xDDD Obviously!

And Lusankya, that's a really awesome picture! 8D But I don't believe you're right about nobody reviewing it. Oh, what's that? *counts* One, two, three...four... Plus, Scy was a consistent reviewer. By saying nobody reviewed it, you're basically calling all your readers "nobody"s.

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