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Default Re: Art for Your Fan Fic

I made a map, though it serves little purpose. On a notebook though, I doodled 3 new Pokemon for my fan fic. Pretty cool.

Mousant - Tiny Mouse-Thief Pokemon (Type: Normal/Dark)
Description: This Pokemon not only tricks humans into giving it food and shiny objects, but also tricks its own kind. Angering Pokemon all over, they are great thieves and are used for surveillance by Pokemon Rescue and Exploration Teams. Watch out, or your nice apple pie will be gone in seconds!

Groundtroll - Mole Pokemon (Type: Ground/Rock with Fighting traits)
Description: Constantly digs and creates large webs of interconnecting tunnels. They are responsible for many fissures and other type of holes in the earth. Despite their destructive habits, they are kind hearted souls towards both Humans and Pokemon. They are also best friends with the Diglette and Dugtrio. The Pokemon carries around large digging claws which are not only used to dig, but crush rocks with only a swipe or two!

(Evolution form of Groundtroll) Dirthog - Large Gofer Pokemon (Type: Ground/Fighting)
Description: The evolved form of Groundtroll, through much rock crushing, this Pokemon has developed a fighting-type trait. Beware, as its large claws are attached to monstrous fists! But despite its physical power, it is still as kind as Groundtroll.
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