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Default Re: |-Cybertron's Reffing Squadron-|

-Bumblebee's Reffing Squad-




-Normal Terrain-

-Trovita Gym Battle-

-Trovita Gym Leader LS VS. Near-

-Garchomp, Sceptile, Infernape VS. Salamence, Breloom, Gallede-

- Garchomp might've won if it got the flinch it needed. Sceptile did well in beating Breloom. Infernape didn't know how much Psycho Cut did (which appearently was my fault xDD) and didn't use Flare Blitz, Gallede won.

Near - $3ooo + Badge with TM
LS - $15oo
Me - $15oo

Total Salary $7ooo
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