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Default Re: |-Cybertron's Reffing Squadron-|

-Bumblebee's Reffing Squad-




-Normal Terrain-

-Petalburg Gym Battle-

-Petalburg Gym Leader Ataro VS. Near-

-Snorlax, Ambipom, Lopunny VS. Gengar, Jolteon-

- Gengar 2HKO'ed Snorlax with Focus Blast. Ambipom came in and finished it off. Jolteon was sent in. Jolteon used Yawn when Ambipom switched for Lopunny. Jolteon used Thunder and Lopunny used Mirror Coat, but it didn't KO. It fell asleep and got unlucky Sleep Talk rolls. Jolteon took it down with Tbolt. Ambipom came in and tried to Fake Out, but Jolt Protected. Then Joltz Tbolt it and Ambipom used Agility. Ataro could've won if Swagger had hit, but it missed and Joltz Yawned. That was when Ataro decided to just use Rest, but Jolt still Tbolt it. He used Snore, but didn't get the Flinch he needed to win.

Near - $2ooo + Sleep Hax Ribbon and Badge with TM
Ataro - $1ooo
Me - $15oo

Total Salary $55oo
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