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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White

Originally Posted by silver_master View Post
ok i fount this picture at and it is just epic here it is:

And this:

But this is just my favourite:
Meh. If these are the finals (which very likely they aren't) I'm very dissapointed. I do admit pokabu's final having a bomb for a butt is kinda cool, but disturbing in a way.
Originally Posted by Grassy_Aggron View Post
Reshiram's ability is called TurboBlaze. We don't know what it does yet, however.

I'm rather glad it isn't Pressure...I'm sick of seeing that ability for Legends. That's why abilities like Drought, Air Lock, Drizzle, Multitype, Bad Dreams, etc. are appreciated.
I have a feeling it's going to be something related to either volcanic activity or the sun, based on the weather based background. I'm thinking along the lines of volcanic activity due to the fact that there is already an ability based on constant sunlight in battle: drought. There is a posibility going through my mind regarding another fire-type move powerup ability like flash fire.
Originally Posted by Wingull View Post
New Pokemon Gameplay! The more I see these guys, the more I like them.
Drawbridge O.O
All the animations are meh, but I can agree with Pikachu that Girau's animation is kinda cool. Hihidaruma's (however you spell it) animation is freaky.
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