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Default Re: WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN... Gallery. Comments Wanted :D

I think I know why you like your Shaymin one. It's got the best flow out of all your tags, making it appealing :3 The same thing applied with your Mewtwo tag before. It's text is really great, awesome placement, color, size, whatever the hell I can think of, it looks good with the text lol. The reason this one is more appealing than the Mewtwo one is because you chose a render that actually goes with the flow. In the Mewtwo tag there's a flow in the background, but the render was like, seperate. You should always make the flow go in the direction of the render.

You're tag that says 'Weezy' on it (I don't know what it is, so I'll call it your Weezy tag lol) Kinda shows that you need more work on depth and C4Ds. First of all, C4Ds, I don't think they look good when used as a background effect, C4Ds are supposed to be used as foreground effects, an art pro can correct me if I'm wrong, but even if it doesn't matter it looks alot better as a foreground effect. I think for a background you should try making a gradient, then throwing on some brushing, put in your render, and make a foreground out of C4Ds and minimal brushing. Then I like to put a fancy border, lol. I actually noticed that you made nice borders on the Chimchar and Shaymin tag, and honestly I'm obsessed with borders so you might not want to listen to me when I say a tag needs a border. Just use your judgement, lol. A border would be very nice. What? Oh yeah. Continuing, you want to crop extra space, but not all of it. You don't want to crop so much empty space the tag will look like a square, lol.

This summer tag (Reminds me, today's the last day of school, in twenty minutes I'm going to school then going to a party ;D yay me!) has some problems. Like, the colors don't match up in the background, and again, all you have is a background and no foreground. I'm not going to go on too much from here though, because I explained it in the other descriptions. Remember, the Shaymin tag has a flow in a certain direction. Find out how you did that, make it apply to your tags in the future. Maybe I'll explain a little bit more about this in the future. For now, gotta go to school.

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