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Default Re: |-Cybertron's Reffing Squadron-|

-Above Paid-

-Bumblebee's Reffing Squad-




-Normal Terrain-


-Blackthorn Leader Alonozo VS. Flammen-

-Tyranitar, Salamence, Garchomp VS. Ursaring, Gallede, Infernape-

- Tyranitar Sub the first turn while Ursaring Swords Danced. Ursaring EQ'ed and Ttar Roared. Gallede then Swords Danced while Tyranitar Dragon Danced. Tyranitar protected and Gallede tried to Brick Break. Then Gallede Mach Punched making it faster and allowing it to KO. Mence came in and Intimidated, but it wasn't enough to stop it from being KOed by Ice Punch. Garchomp came in and took care of it. Then it took care of Ursaring after Swords Dancing and taking an Ice Punch. Infernape, however, Close Combatted for the win.

Flammed - $2ooo + Rising Badge + Dragon Pulse
Alonzo - $1ooo
Me - $15oo

Total Salary $15oo
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