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Default Re: WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN... Gallery.

Originally Posted by Dylan View Post
Depth shows that, ugh, it's hard to explain. It's best to use an example and not define it. Like, a background is blurred because depth gives the impression that it's far away, and faraway things you can't see clearly. Close up things are usually sharpened to make it more clear, as you can see things better up close. So typically, the image has the background, the render, then the foreground on top. The foreground I personally like to do is take a nice C4D that goes with the flow of the tag and place it on top of the render, but I erase parts in front of the face and more important parts of the render. For example, the tag in your signature, I made the foreground by adding C4D effects over Zorua around the bottom and back of Zorua. I also sharpened Zorua, because he's not in the background. That makes depth. If you already knew what depth was, then now you now my style of applying it to a tag.

Your current tags are nice, but there's no depth around the render as said before. Some more foreground effects would be nice too. I think on the Chimchar one you should move the text closer to Chimchar, crop it a bit, and add some matching foreground effects. I really like your two current tags, you're starting way better than me. My first tag was way worse. It's linked in here just so you can compare, but my point is that if you start pretty good like this then you'll end up pretty good, it took me over a year and a half to get good enough to make tags like that. I hope you succeed, soon enough you'll be making your own tags for your signature :p
I was so happy to see that you'd stopped by. Thanks so much for the CnC, I really get what you're saying about depth and I never really noticed that about Zorua but when I look at it again, you're right, his head looks almost popping out but not the back. Thanks so much, and haha you give me a lot of hope by saying that I'm starting off really well.

Oh and I will use what you said to edit my Chimchar tag because i've recently learned all about c4ds.

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