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Default Re: Da shiniest log


[Elite Battle]

Holds On
No Weather
No terrain
Clauses On

Xalapeno vs Pidge
Infernape, Metagross, Starmie, Kingdra, Ambipom, Breloom vs Aerodactyl, Infernape, Tyranitar, Starmie, Swampert, Salamence


So Ape and Aero came in and both used stealth Rocks. A Key Protect fail let Aero kill Ape with an Earthquake. Meta came in and finished off Aero with a Bullet Punch. Pidge's Ape then came in and Meta ran away like a scared little tin can. Starmie came in and took a fake out with not much damage. The Infernape ran off to the big daddy Tyranitar, thought Ttar took a twave as it switched in. Ttar, seeing it was not in a good position, decided to switch out to Pidge's Starmie, now it was Ruben's Starmie vs Pidge's Starmie. After some extreme, intense battling and a crucial speed roll won by P Starmie, P STarmie was able to ko R Starmie after two smacks. Next came In Kingdra who immediately subbed while its Lum Berry was killed by the Twave. After some Dragon dancing and psych ups, Kingdra Draco Meteor'd Starmie who then died by Sandstorm. Infernape then came in to Mach Punch Kingdra for the ko. Ambipom came in who sought revenge but Ape switched out for Swampert. Ambipom alsos switched out for Breloom, while Swampert used Substitute. Loom killed sub then spore'd swampert. Swampert came out for Salamence who had some trouble with Loom as it got seeded and did some major damage. Mence opted to roar it out while surviving with 1 hp. Out came ambipom and Mence immediately ran away to Tyranitar. Tyranitar and Pom both left for mence and metagross. Mence was thus ko'd by sand and Ape came in for revenge!!! Ape used Fire blast on Metagross and hoped to hit! ... AND DID! Ambipom came in and Ape switched out again, to TTAR. @_@ Ambipom then u-turned to Loom who took a taunt. Loom then ko'd TTAR with a Force Palm, and here came Infernape again. Ape subbed while loom broke the sub, then Ape used flamer to destroy Breloom into oblivion. Ambipom was forced and Aerial ace'd as ape left for swampert who was sleep and later ko'd with grass knot. Infernape was then forced and Aerial Aced to victory!

MVP: Breloom

Ruben - $4,000
Pidge - $3,000

I should get $3,000 for reffing.

Pe2k Salary: $22,500
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