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Default Re: \\||The Council of Brawlers: Open||///

Originally Posted by Black Label View Post
The clan leader, MikeyTheYoshi, was a great friend of mine. We hang out all the time, etc etc. Then he left for a clan called the Volts, and Skottles and Very took the wheel as leaders, whereas me and ShuckleRules took share as Generals.
Ah ok, so Lucario is Mikey? That sounds like a pretty good start. It must have been a blow to have the leader leave but things happen I suppose.

I decided once my first plan was ruined, to lead my own clan. But as luck would have it, you all agreed to do it with me. And now I'm happy and I don't wish to look back. Right now mystery is pretty mad at a certain someone. Honestly the argument couldn't be dumber, but he had his intentions I suppose. I'm just glad things worked out how they did. From the way that guy was talking, I wouldn't even want to post in that thread lol. But I'm glad I got over my whole anger towards a group of people here. I'm not mad and for the most part it was a misunderstanding. But from these flukes and unexpected twist I arrive here. So id like to thank dsl for rejecting me. He gave birth to this idea here. This wild idea, that started off with a simple misunderstanding will turn into a phenomina (spelling).

I thank usb aswell for being here with me. Your support is all I needed to get us started. We are a team. And if I ever forget it somebody had best redrill it in my head.

Were going to grow and create stories. We will become even more respected through hard work and overall talent.

We don't thrive because of one single persons efforts, we thrive because as a group we know we have what it takes to out perform the competition. And with that said, perform we will. Let's put on a show that PE2K can remember. Let's etch our way into glory....together.

I welcome you all to your new home, The Council of Brawlers!
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