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Default Re: \\||The Council of Brawlers: Open||///

Originally Posted by Verystrait42 View Post
Time to have some fun.
Yep the thread is up and running, time for fun indeed.
I thought id set the trend with perhaps one of the first (if not the first) single post index.

It sure beats the pointless "I need free post" cliches (exaggerating).

Its all well and good now. I'm missing a few banner but it turned out decently. Especially since ahalt so kindly offered to allow me usage of his banner (thanks ahalt). I guess we can transition into the new thread now.

I still have quite abit of editing to do as after 3+ hours of making single post, doing fonting and overall presentation, I still ended up rushing leaving out a few details. So please bare with me.

And everyone, kick back relax and make yourselves at home.

I've got recruiting to do (you all can help); and in the war situation, ill have to look back to see what last occured (though it shouldn't matter because this is an entirely new clan)

Also, I will get together with everyone and see who they feel they would like to war with (or if they would like to wait a month at all).

So everyone please make the transition into your new home.

USB gave it a good go and will be missed dearly.
Its time for this hybrid clan to strut its stuff now.
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