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Originally Posted by Trilobyte View Post
There's a problem with auctioning unwanted mons, namely the question of where the money goes.

Let's say I decided to auction off my unwanted Giratina, for example. It's worth is roughly 65k. Now, after putting him on for a base of 10k, I wait. After a week or so, the bids for it are in several hundreds of thousands, and the fat maggot gets sent away. But then, where does that hundreds of thousands go? To my pocket? I'd be essentially trading it away for moneys, which is exactly the same as selling it, which is pretty much taboo in the world of pokemon. Okay, so not my pocket, but what about some of it, say 20%? The rest goes to a black hole and I'm still a good 60-80k richer.

There's also the fact that richer folks will give a trollface.jpg to others and slap down the hundreds of k, making the auction pretty much meaningless as those who have money have power.

IN a nutshell, auctioning unwanted pokemon is a bad idea, for both the crappy pokemon and the awesome ones, and in the end will just lead to a right old mess as to who gets what in financial terms. If there's a way to dispose of unwanted pokemon, a dumping ground would be ideal. You put money in to send them there, and anyone who wants one pays a certain price for what they need. They'll have to be swift, as the dumping ground only has a week's worth of food for said pokemon who enter, and if unsold by the end of the week, the unwanted will be sold as mince or scrap metal to a butcher or blacksmith.

This, naturally, could lead to stealth trades with money, which is frowned upon.

So, there's not a great deal to do with releases, except perhaps euthanasia.
Theres rules and the watchful eye of the officials to prevent all of that...

As I said before, unwanted mons most likely, will not be wanted at all... meaning auctions for them would be pointless anyway.
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