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Originally Posted by Bumblebee16 View Post
-which ones don't you want, IM me-

You can just throw them away I'm guessing. If you want to throw them away then go for it, they're yours. What I would do is just delete them from your stats and save them somewhere else (like a word document) just in case you want them later. Idk, this is just what I think.
*shakes head firmly* Nope, but sorry, but that's a bad idea. When people don't provide info of a Pokemon that suddenly popped up in their stats, we have to investigate. If people began to delete Pokemon from their stats, it would just cause a mess. Keeping track of what Pokemon a trainer has and from where they got it is crucial to weed out people who are cheating. Yes, the trainer would still have the Pokemon date on a saved document, but it would be a hassle to go and ask, "Ok, where did you get that Pokemon? Where did that Pokemon go?" to everybody.

For now, you can gift Pokemon (and/or items) you don't want. I mean, there's always new, unnoticed members who don't get anything and feel sort of left out. Even receiving a Caterpie or a Smooth Rock would brighten their day.

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