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Default Re: Signature & Avatar Showcase

Originally Posted by JokesterJesse View Post
Your Sig is pretty plain, all i really see is Jay-Z if Im correct, some dots, and 3 different C4DS/ I see flow its pretty much going out from the render :) Text is plain and simple which is good. But im not sure what H.O.V.A means. The borders also a bit thick. Thats all I can say sorry.

I was in the colorful mood :))

Colorful banner, I gotta say.
I'm bothered by the text, but it's easy to read. I might just not be a fan of the font you used. xD The background is not bad. I find it interesting. =] I just think it's a bit bright. ^..^; Overall, it's a cute and colorful banner. =] Great job!
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