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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

OOC: Holy sweet-and-sour sauce on a Sunday afternoon in July, Batman! I’m FINALLY making a post! And for once it’s not a tiny, two-sentence pittance, either ^^. But at first I was making a post as if I’d brought my Froslass, and I had to redo most of it @__@. Ah well lol.

And yay, Aero!


IC: Saundra Blake
Outer Heaven

I couldn’t believe it. Not only did I have the once-in-a-lifetime chance of seeing Arceus’s mighty form in person only minutes after arriving at Outer Heaven, I was now in the presence of one of the rarest Pokemon in all existence: an Areodactyl! Ren let out a startled exclamation upon seeing the stone pteradon, then remarked that Arceus’s call had probably roused it from an ages-long slumber. I nodded absently, not so worried about its mere existence as I was about how to go about battling it. The Aerodactyl looked angry, that was certain; whether it was because it had just woken up or simply didn’t like our presence was impossible to tell.

‘The cause of Aero’s ire isn’t important,’ I thought, watching the pteradon flying above us. ‘All that matters is that it’s mad, and that an angry creature makes more mistakes than a level-headed one. Still, I can’t be careless. Aero are powerful Pokemon, and a single bad move can spell disaster for any of my own Pokemon. Let’s see…Seagem is weak to a lot of Aero’s moves, and Databyte would take neutral damage from most of them. Ripper would have the best physical protection, but he’s slow. In THIS battle, speed is going to matter. Seagem would be the ideal choice, then. She’s fast, strong, and has solid defenses. But it’s going to take more than sheer stamina. Seagem has powerful combos, but they take time to set up, and anyways, she likes to show off too much. I think Databyte is going to be the best bet here. It might not have the best defenses, but its fast and can quickly set up. Not only that, it has a lot of moves that don’t require it to be in close-quarters; if it doesn’t have to get close to attack, it can avoid being struck.’

My mind made up, I drew forth the Ball that contained Databyte, my Porygon-Z. I pressed the lock-release button in the middle of the sphere, causing it to expand and fill my hand. Once it had taken its full size, the Ball popped open with a bright flash of glaring white light. When the light faded away, Databyte hovered about shoulder height, its dark-pink body hanging motionlessly in midair. The Pokemon’s dark blue arms and same-colored tail hung without so much as twitching; the computer’s feral yellow eyes were dark, like a screen that was turned off. Clearly Databyte had been in what I called its power-save mode (sort of like a doze to most other creatures), but within seconds of being released from its PokeBall the Porygon-Z snapped to alert attentiveness. Its eyes flickered before taking on a bright yellow hue as it turned its gaze to me, then glanced up. It made a soft mechanical hum upon seeing the pteradon above us.

“All right, Databyte, we’ve got a pretty tough battle ahead of us,” I told it. Databyte looked back at me and nodded once, the only movement it made. “Aero is fast and strong, and its physical defenses are solid. We need to play a hard game of keep-away while we wear it down.” Databyte didn’t respond, but I knew it understood completely. Keep-away was our codeword for battling while remaining out of the reach of the enemy’s attacks. A strong Pokemon like Aero could take Databyte out in just a few hits, so it fully grasped the importance of staying out of its foe’s range of attack. “Let’s start with a little space-time manipulation, and then follow it up with some of that mental fortitude of yours to further muddle Aero’s capabilities.”

Databyte gave a low hum that ended in a series of rapid clicks as it processed the commands. It then flicked its tail straight up and held its arms out so they were parallel with the ground. Afterward, the supercomputer began to run a number of highly complicated algorithms, and within seconds it was pulling up hundreds per second. Eventually, the overload of mind-bogglingly complex information began to take a toll on Databyte, despite its ultra-powerful processors and extremely capable data banks. Before the lag could cause a fatal system error (thus leading to a crash), Databyte dropped its arms and tail in a violent jerking motion, forcibly ejecting the data as it started to corrupt. This ejection into the physical world cause a bizarre effect to take place; the corrupting data caused a vacuum in time and space, were speed was reversed. The Trick Room didn’t spread too far, only reaching for a few dozen yards in all directions. Slow-moving Pokemon caught in the move’s influence would find themselves moving at hyper speeds; faster Pokemon, like Aero, would discover that they moved much slower than they were used to. Not only would it cause physical delays, it would throw off any effected by it until they got used to the new conditions.

On the heels of its Trick Room, Databyte lifted one arm and pointed it at Aero, focusing its considerable concentration and dumping unused information to further bolster the output of its processors. Thus prepared, Databyte formed drew forth some of the corrupt data in the air, being careful not to download any of it back into its systems. Once it had gathered a small sphere that flashed an array of colors, Databyte injected a new information packet into it. This packet contained specific antivirus deletion software, and within seconds the data-sphere had been formatted. Fresh, blank, and devoid of any color, the data could be rewritten, which Databyte set to doing. Flipping through its dozens of data banks, the Porygon-Z drew up a file on the Psychic type, then opened a sub-folder containing all information it had on every Psychic-aligned move. It cross-referenced my code term with the move in its banks that matched the term; “mental fortitude” was the term I used when I wanted Databyte to perform a Psychic attack.

Once it had found the information it wanted, Databyte imprinted it into the data-sphere hovering in front of its outstretched arm. It then swung its arm in a single counter-clockwise circle, sending the data-sphere, which was now a pulsing lavender hue, flying towards Aero. It had only taken a few seconds to prepare; such was the awesome power of Databyte’s construction.

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