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Default Re: Pokemon Ultra (workers Needed)

--Game Maker 7/8


Text Boxer: Makes a script were you talk to people and they'll respond.
Event Spriter: Makes the event pokemon.
Level Upper: Creates a system that lets pokemon level up.
Glitch remover: One of the most important jobs. Removes anything that shouldn't be there (Already has a job making character unable to go diagonal.)
Background Ripper: Also Already has a job to rip the indigo plateu's rooms.

This level completely disregards everything after defeating Blue.
Event 1: Runaway Pikachu
After defeating Gary and getting into hall of fame, your Pikachu will run away, chased by Oak. Now you have to walk.

Event 2: Team Magma truck
Once you get to viridian 2 Team Magma members will run past you. Now you must get to them. Once you do, you will hop on the back of their truck. The opening credits for major jobs roll underneath. You then end up in Pallet. They get out and you run.

Event 3: Pikachus and Ships
You go downstairs to meet your mum/mom. (if you choose UK English in menu, it's mum. US English, mom.) She tells you Oak called. So when you go to Oak, He gives you Pikachu back and a ticket for the SS Anne. You also get your first peice of info for Johto, as he tells you his professer discovered a mountain and ended up somewhere new.

Event 4: Power Surge!
So when you go to the docks, the truck with the lava cookie under it is moving. a woman pushes you away, saying a machop went under to get a lava cookie and they cant get the driver to free it. So you gotta go and find the truck driver, starting a wild goose chase. so when you enter vermillion, you are robbed of your ticket and badge case by a rocket member! So when you go any further, lt surge runs up to you, realizing that "those skunks got you". He decides to let you into his gym and get a bage back. So you battle him, get your badge. Lt Surge says he'll bring you to bill if he can visit other regions as he's always wanted to. So he joins your team!

Event 5-For the Machop
Lt Surge will lead you out of the city, but a scientest runs up and says a weird blob has ended up in the forest so they had to send out some pokemon rangers. Where does that leave you? trapped. Of course, you won't be allowed to leave any other direction. So where does it turn out the driver is? Entering the city! So when you finally talk to him, he brings his Machoke to the truck. You're free to go... or are you? So you're given the Machop, that's nice... except now the driver won't let you leave until you have a badge from cerulean, as he has a strict sea-expert trainer rule only!

Event 6-Ditto Dump!



JOURNAL-Important Info is registered here.
SS ANNE TICKET-1 free travel to an area of your choice.
More soon.

Lt Surge-Defeat him in gym
Leaf-Defeat in Cerulean Gym
Gold-Meet him after completing Johto and returning to kanto.

Red: Pikachu.
Lt Surge: Volty (French Pikachu).
Leaf: Bulbasaur.
Gold: Totodile.

Thanks, Kayla Ann!

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