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Default Re: Pokemon: Uprise of the Legendaries

OOC: Sweet! I had a RP like this a while back.

IC: "Finsh it off with hyper beam Blaziken!" Marco yelled. He was in a two on two battle that was fierce! A Vileploom and Wailmer were his opponets. The poor Vileploom fainted right when it was hit by the earth shatering light.
Now, Marco's other pokemon Luddicolo was duking it out with Wailmer at the lake park. Luddicolo was trying some hand to hand combat with wailmer but suprisinngly it was fast! "Don't let it win Luddicolo!" Marco called out to Luddicolo.

Wailmer hit Luddicolo with all it's might and it fell down into the lake. "Don't let him win Luddicolo you just have to get up and take it!" Small bubbles floated around where Luddicolo fell and made a outline that looked like a... Luddicolo! The slimy creature rose with red eyes. It had a beam that was a bright yellowish-orange that glowed on it's coconut or the black ball on it's head. "What I didn't order Luddicolo to use an attack yet!" Then, Luddicolo blew it's top at the sun. The sun magnafied and the lake began to dry up. Soon all you could see was a puddle and a six-foot blue creature panting and jumping. "Luuuu!!!!!!!!!" Luddicolo screamed as a white light from the black ball on it's head. The Wailmer could be seen flapping around trying some how to magically escape. The wailmer flew into the sky breaking a large park water fountain as it flew high into the clouds. "All right!" Marco cheered. Somehow when the blue blob fell from the sky it slightly jiggled in pain trying to get up on it's fin. "Okay Blaziken now you can finsh this! Sky Uppercut!!!" Blaziken also six-feet tall picked Wailord up with ease hitting his back side and once again sending him in the clouds. If you had poor vision you would belive the poor Wailmer went into outer-space. "Good match dude." Marco told the person he was battling. "Thanks man you're great!" With that Wailmer came crashing down and glowed white as snow. It changed in size shape and of course diameter. As it grew it began to crush everything in it's path. "Cars, fountains, a local bathroom until it streched about 200 feet and was at least two-stories high."Wailord!!" the giant roared. "Aww, man how am I gonna pay and clean this up?" the challenger asked who's name was Jack. "Don't worry i'll help ya." Marco joked. And with that smart remark they both laughed they're pants off. The blue and sunny sky dimmed and filled with gray dark clouds. Ice, snow, wind and hail came crashing down from the sky. Marco's blue and black shirt and blue were splattered in sleet. And Jack's hightops and green shirt and blue pants were covered in rain. "It's 87 deegres!" Marco yelled. "This is impossible!!" "Quick Jack call your pokemon back!" Jack returned Wailord and Vileploom and Marco returned Blaziken and Luddicolo. They ran for shelter and as they ran they saw the most incredible pokemon in thier intire lifes. The legendary Articuno.

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