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Default Re: Oh No! My Log is on Fire!

AIM Battle
4 vs 4
No Helds
No Terrain
No Weather

Ataro (Dratini, Meowth, Aipom, Caterpie)
Leman (Paras, Shroomish, Roselia, Caterpie)

Dratini was a beast, using Flamethrower and Fire Blast to take out Paras and Shroomish respectively. But, Roselia's Leech Seed eventually knocked it down. Meowth came in, making Roselia switch to Caterpie. Meowth put it to sleep with Hypnosis, allowing for a switch to Aipom, an Agility/Baton Pass combo back to Meowth. Caterpie was taken out, forcing Roselia in. Rosy took out the cat, thus, Caterpie was sent out. Caterpie ultimately was Seeded, so Ataro switched to Aipom. However, he was tired, making him forfeit in the end.

I get $2,000

Salary: $3,500
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