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Default Re: General Spriter's Showcase

Hehe, first time poster. Glad I found this place, some very talented people on here. :D

Been messing around with Paint and sprites for all of...uhh, today. :p

Technically the second one I did. The first one I did was just a silly little Mewtwo with Pikachu's tail and ears slapped on...But I found it kinda fun so I was talking to a friend and she wanted me to fuse Kadabra with something else...Looked around and figured I'd use Darkrai and make a ghostly-looking Kadabra. :p

Feel free to be completely brutal. I'll admit I kinda just eyeballed the shading and placement of the Darkrai features. (Edit: By the shading I just mean the color conversion, definitely not from scratch. :p Just wanted to clarify that.)

Started to the back aswell, but for whatever reason Paint won't open up the saved .pngs of backs.
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