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Default Re: Oh No! My Log is on Fire!


Sunyshore Gym Battle
3 vs 3
No Helds
No Weather
No Terrain
All Clauses

Leader Xali (Jolteon, Electrode)
Challenger Lunar Lime (Mismagius, Kingdra, Shuckle)

Jolteon started off with Fake Tears, but was forced into switching to Soundproof Electrode when Missy used Perish Song. Mismagius switched to Kingdra, but was hit by a Charge Beam, upping Electrode's Special Attack. Two T-bolts later and Kingdra was down. When Shuckle came onto the field, they both used Toxic on each other. Electrode Taunted it into using its incredibly weak attacks. Thanks to Rest, Electrode healed while Shuckle fainted due to the Toxic ailment. Mismagius was forced back in, and thinking there was no way to win, it used Memento, giving Xali the win.

I get $1,500

Salary: $1,500

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