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Default Re: Signature & Avatar Showcase

Originally Posted by JokesterJesse View Post
LOL, Im a Guy

Your's is very, simple but awesome, I love how the border is, on the corners you can see it partly and than on the edge areas, you cant see it, to me the text is also somewhat hard for me to read. Like I said it was simple, you could have maybe thrown in some effect c4ds, or something. Idk, maybe it would ruin it, what do I know.

Honestly I deleted my old post haha to do this..

made this new one and I LOVE IT


You really like to post new stuff, don't you?

Anyway, it's pretty good. I like the reflection that you got to put on Zoura. However, there's a little too much "stuff" going on in the image for my taste. That's probably just me. Another thing that is also just me: That render is being over-used. Lol.

I like it.
I'm baaaaaack. :3
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