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Default Re: FORUM FESTIVAL OPEN TO ALL! [Normal Rank]



Kakuna uses Bug Bite +2
Crowd Cheers +1 [CL=4]

Pelipper uses Spit Up COMBO +8
Crowd Cheers +1 [CL=5]

Spoink uses Rest +2CS
Can avoid being startled once.
Crowd Boos [CL=4]

Dusknoir uses Curse +3
Crowd Cheers+1 [CL=5]
Next Turn Dusknoid is last

Togekiss uses Ancient Power +1
Crowd Cheers +1 [CL=6]
Earns a Star

Weavile uses Revenge +3
Crowd Cheers +1 [CL=7]
Next turn Weavile will be second to last

Ambipom uses Rain Dance +6
Crowd goes Wild +5 [CL=0]

Venusaur uses Take Down +6
Crowd Cheers +1 [CL=1]

Electivire uses Quick Attack +3
Next turn Electivire will go first

PorygonZ uses Substitute +2
Can Avoid being Startled once

Ralts uses Imprison +3
Togekiss loses a star

Ninetales uses Grudge +4 (Since you’re in the 3rd fourth in order)
Crowd Cheers +1 [CL=2]

Chimecho uses Double Edge +6
Crowd Cheers +1 [CL=3]

Drapion uses Crunch +1
Chimecho -8
Crowd Cheers +1 [CL=4]

Teddiursa uses Covet +16
Crowd boos [CL=3]

Ampharos uses Tackle +4
Crowd Cheers +1 [CL=4]

Gengar uses Spite COMBO +12
Crowd Cheers +1 [CL=5]

Round 3 Order
Electivire +3 [30]
Teddiursa +16 [160]
Gengar +13 [170]
Ambipom +11 [110][CS]
Pelipper +9 [120]
Venusaur +7 [70]
Ninetales +5 [50]
Ampharos +5 [50]
Kakuna +3 [60]
Ralts +3 [30]
Spoink +2 [40][CS]
PorygonZ +2 [20]
Togekiss +2 [20]
Drapion +2 [20]
Chimecho -1 [0]
Weavile +4 [40]
Dusknoir +4 [40][CS]

Our next two rounds will be….Voted on by you. The way it will work: When you send in your move (Pokemon uses move) also state which attribute you want it to be next (Cool, Beauty, Smart, or Cute). The one with the most votes will be the Attribute for the next two turns. :D
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