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Default Re: What stupid things did you do?

Okay... two games,
1) Tried to beat brock with just my pikachu
2) didn't work, so i traded it for a lv. 60 vaporeon
3) started a new game, found mankey, made it lv. 9 (it learned low kick), then cursed my life for not finding that sooner
4) i got lost in the seafoam islands (i had like, 4 escape ropes in my bag, i just forgot that and started a new game for the third time)
5) i released my lv 72 pidgeot so it could "go kill wild evil pokemans"

1) named my rival ??? cuz i was like "OMG ur name r liek, question mark question mark question mark"
2) only trained my starter (my ending team was typhlosion lv 82, Raikou lv 40, Ursaring lv 30, Hoothoot lv 10, Bellsprout lv 8, and pidgey lv 5.)
3) I killed suicune cuz it pissed me off
4) i killed Ho-oh to save the master ball for something better (I clearly remember wasting it on a delibird)
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